Q: Are your decals easy to apply?
It's really easy! We send simple, step-by-step instructions with each order. If you have any doubt before applying it, you can contact us at info@crazy4decals.com.

Q: Could you custom decal designs?
We enjoy to help you with your projects. Just tell us what are you thinking of or send us a picture and we'll make something up for you! We love to make real your idea. Email us at info@crazy4decals.com.

Q: Could I choose other colors for decals than the ones displayed?
A: Sure! Some items have limited color options. Contact us and tell us what color do you need. We don't cut your design until you order it so each design is customizable. 

Q: If I need a different size for the decal. Can you do this?
A: Sure! We can do any design for you. Contact us at info@crazy4decals.com.

Q: How do I remove the decals when I'm ready to take them off? Will they leave any residue?
A: Just peel them off when you're ready to remove the decal and clean the surface as you usually do. Our decals can be removed easily and leave no residue. 




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